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Feature!Pack 2.0: More updates for News!Site 5.5

1up! is pleased to announce the release of Feature!Pack 2.0, another update to our News!Site 5.5 software. As part of 1up!'s ongoing development strategy, the following features are now available in the latest version of our software. As always, the upgrades are free and automatic to News!Site 5.5 users:


Payment!Wizard 2.0

  • Improves appearance for Payment!Wizard forms and email receipts by utilizing the site settings in Appearance Manager to determine colors and fonts, so your readers' ecommerce experience is more consistent with the look and feel of your Web site.
  • Online prompts remind readers to finish (or cancel) incomplete ecommerce transactions.
  • Automatic subscription expiration notifications let your readers know when it's time to renew.
  • Ability to extend a current subscription rather than force the reader to create a new account.
  • New "fill in the amount" feature that can be used to make a donation or leave a tip for a carrier.
  • Add state taxes for product sales (where applicable).
  • Add shipping and handling charges for individual products.
  • Generate serialized vouchers for sale as coupons, gift certificates or tickets to local events.
  • Pending Transactions report lets you monitor your ecommerce traffic.
  • More options for you to monetize your Web site by selling:
    • Subscriptions to print, Web or Web site archives
    • Photographs from Photo Galleries
    • Classified ads with upsets
    • Individual articles or pre-purchased article booklets
    • Serialized vouchers, coupons and tickets
    • Items developed as customizations on your site.

Single article purchase

  • Enables you to sell individual articles from your active content or archives.
  • Set a security level for an individual article and require readers to purchase access to the content.
  • Specify that an article always requires purchase, regardless of the reader's security level.
  • Readers can purchase one article at a time, or purchase an entire block of articles for future use.
  • Requires Payment!Wizard 2.0

Limiting logins for subscribers

  • Ability to limit the number logins for a specified time period (day, week, month, or year).
  • Helps alleviate account sharing.

Advertiser statistics mailer

  • Let's you email an advertiser's statistics and a brief note directly from the Advertiser Statistics report from your site's intranet.

Electronic Newsletter (ENL) 1.5

  • ENL email now includes your site logo, as configured in Appearance Manager.
  • Improved appearance uses the same font face and colors as your Web site.
  • Section headers on the ENL are pulled from your Web site.
  • Article headlines and images link to the article.
  • Articles will only appear once in the ENL even if they are posted to multiple sections of your Web site.
  • Speed and queueing are improved.

Homepage RSS display

  • Pull in RSS feeds from other sites for display on your Homepage.
  • Manage the feed display in Appearance Manager.

HTML checkbox

  • Improved spacing between paragraphs lets you choose between the WYSIWYG editor or controlling the content spacing with HTML.

Search engine caching (304 bot cache)

  • Lets bots in to index your site, but caching informs them upon return if your content has been updated.
  • Improves site performance and search engine optimization.

Mobile 1.2

  • Improved user scalability.
  • Automatic scaling of articles and photos to fit the preset mobile version width.
  • Section Headers and Photo Captions now appear on Mobile version.
  • Bulleted headlines help readers locate stories.
  • Faster integration of Appearance Manager changes to Mobile layout.

The News!Site 5.5 Feature!Pack 2.0 has been added to all existing News!Site 5.5 sites at no cost, and we've provided free training Webinars on this update to those customers who are already using the latest version of our software. Moving forward, the updates become a standard part of the CMS product.

At 1up!, we continually improve our products and services by keeping a close watch on industry trends and listening to the input of our customers. For more information on 1up! or to schedule a demo of our products, please contact

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