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We'll give you one month free!

Word of mouth is the greatest form of advertising, and our customers have been spreading the word about 1up! for over a decade.

We think it's time to reward you for your loyalty!

For every new customer that you refer to 1up!, we'll waive your monthly license fee.  Here's how the program works:

•    All current 1up! customers (in good standing) are eligible.

•    Refer a publication to us and, with a signed license agreement from them for the News!Site 5.5 or Go!Gedit software, your next monthly license fee is waived, e.g., if we get a signed agreement from your referral with a July 1 effective date, then your August license fee will be waived.

•    The license fee waived does NOT have to be of equal or lesser value, i.e., if your monthly license fee is $325 and you refer a smaller publication that will pay $195, we’ll still waive your entire license fee for one month.

•    If you have multiple sites with us, we will waive the license fee for only one publication in your group per successful referral, not the fees for your entire group.  Yes, you can pick the most expensive fee!

•    You will still receive an invoice for your monthly license fee and a corresponding “Credit for Customer Referral.”

•    You can refer as many publications as you want.  There is no limit to the number of monthly license fees we will waive for you.

•    If your publication is part of a group, the prospective customer must be a publication with whom you have no common ownership.

•    The prospective customer must identify you as their referral source when initially contacting us.

•    1up! reserves the right to end or modify this program at any time.

If you know of any publications or organizations that might be interested in the products and services offered by 1up!, please contact  

Let us show you our appreciation!

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